9 March 2017 / by Nicole Crump

We’re not selling software, we are selling success.

As a production company we were never in the business of making and selling software, but rather we wanted to find tools that would help us create production efficiencies.

In an industry that prides itself on innovation and creativity it is still staggering how so much of what we do behind the scenes is actually manual. As a producer, one of my biggest challenges has always been being able to see at a glance how we are tracking to budget, cashflow variances and how scheduling changes are impacting overall budget performance.

So yes we have built a system that integrates schedule, budget, cashflow and cost reporting. But KAHA is so much more than that. KAHA is an experience which begins from the moment you start to engage with us. As a production company we understand that to be successful people need to know what to do – so we have focused on how to get people using the KAHA tool, we are committed to educating the industry about how to get production efficiencies and building a community of like-minded people who by working together with us can evolve approaches and tools to drive successful productions.

Our key driver is simple, it’s not about the software but rather how tools are seamlessly adopted and integrated into everyday business so the art of making productions becomes more effortless and efficient.