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KAHA is a production management tool, built by producers for producers, to save you time and money.

It’s a smart cloud software package that integrates your budget, production schedule, cashflow and staffing. Manage your production from a single integrated point, no matter the size or budget. Imagine no more double entry or chasing up answers!


Create and manage multiple production budgets simultaneously, whatever your budget and size of production.

User friendly budgeting and real time reporting puts you in control. Visibility at the touch of a button, it’s that easy!


Imagine a change in the budget automatically updating your schedule to reflect any impact, or vice versa!

KAHA contains an industry first integrated budget and schedule interface that intuitively updates any change to associated budgets and schedules. KAHA takes the headaches out of scheduling.


Booking crew has never been easier with KAHA’s unique automated system.

Once registered, your crew are booked into the schedule and notified automatically. This allows daily reconciliation against the budget code. It’s the easiest way to book crew!

Cashflow & Variance Reporting

Not only does KAHA automatically build a schedule as you build a budget, it will automatically create a cashflow report for you as well.

The system delivers reports on a weekly or monthly basis – that’s up to you - and can include multiple financing sources. No more time spent having to do separate reports - one data entry is all it takes!

Cost reporting

Take the headache out of cost tracking and actualizations.

KAHA cost reporting is the most comprehensive system available in the market and is based in the cloud with multiple access points. Budget variations allow simple inter-code transactions to take place and variance reporting alerts you to budget overages. KAHA lets you stay on top of your budget.

Cloud Based

Access KAHA on the go to get an as-it-happens understanding of your financial and scheduling position at any given time, on any individual project.

Assign access rights to others who also need to contribute or require a view of the project status. One accessible and centralised source of information keeps everyone up to speed.

Get Started

14 Day Free Trial
Try KAHA on a single project, with the same functionality that the KAHA Starter Package offers
Integrate your budget, schedule and cashflow with KAHA Starter. Automated scheduling and variance reporting simplifies your project management. KAHA Starter allows you to manage up to 20 projects
In addition to the Starter Package features, get full cost reporting, crew booking and reporting, real time budget alerts and more – across an unlimited number of projects.

No more guessing, no more waiting for invoices, with KAHA, you are in control.

Founded by New Zealand producer, Bailey Mackey, KAHA’s innovative, effective, and easy-to-use interface gives you real-time, day-to-day, as-it-happens understanding of your financial and scheduling position at any given time on any individual project.